Training week at Cartonajes Pérez

Once the new biological treatment has been installed at the Cartonajes Pérez WWTP, it is time to train the people who will operate the plant. In this case, we travelled to Pontevedra to start up the new MBR system and provide the necessary knowledge to the operators in charge of running the treatment plant.
Until now, the plant consisted of a physical-chemical coagulation/flocculation treatment that separated the solid and liquid phases, but did not eliminate the soluble fraction. With the extension of the plant by means of a biological treatment consisting of a biological reactor with timed aeration and an external MBR, it is possible to obtain organic matter and nutrient removal yields of over 95%, provided that the plant is operated correctly.
For this reason, TEKNIC includes in the development of the project the necessary training to be able to operate the plant, taking into account the need to efficiently manage human and economic resources, all from the point of view of the person in charge of the operation.

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