Smurfit Kappa Morocco’s integrated wastewater treatment plant project delivered

SK has entrusted Teknic with the complete industrial water cycle at its new plant in Rabat, Morocco.

Teknic will osmotize the water in a new 3m3/h permeate production plant that will supply the entire steam production needs and contribute to the improvement of the overall quality of the factory water.

It has also reproduced for the treatment of the wastewater the approach it has been implementing with Teknic in recent years: physical-chemical treatment + MBR (Membrane BioReactor) biological treatment.

The physical-chemical process uses batch coagulation/flocculation and a filter press to dewater the sludge, while the biological treatment uses an intensified activated sludge system through an ultrafiltration system (MBR) with a ceramic membrane.

The project will allow SK to energetically optimize the water cycle as well as meet the increasingly stringent discharge quality standards required by the Kingdom of Morocco.

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