SMSA’s new WWTPI in operation

The TEKNIC Ecotechnologies team has designed, assembled and commissioned the new industrial wastewater treatment plant of Sebastião & Martins S.A. in its Guimarães factory.

This consists of a physico-chemical process by adding a single polyfunctional reagent in powder form. This product encompasses all the reagents necessary to successfully carry out the processes of pH neutralization, coagulation and flocculation of wastewater.

In addition, liquid agents require greater technical expertise and operator training, depending on the correct calibration of dosing pumps and pH meters (a critical element of the process). On the contrary, the polyfunctional product is simple and is limited to the dosing of X powder product per volume of wastewater to be treated.

Some of the advantages of the polyfunctional reagent over traditional chemical agents:

  • Easier dosage adjustment.
  • Lower initial investment.
  • Greater capacity to adapt to the instantaneous conditions of the water entering the treatment plant.
  • Greater temporary storage capacity.

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