ONDUSPAN. New project FP Batch

This August saw the installation and start-up of the new wastewater treatment plant of ONDUSPAN (Grupo Petit).

This is a physico-chemical treatment project that starts in the previous phase of reception and homogenisation of wastewater, mostly water from printing processes with water-based inks.

The plant, based on a physical-chemical batch treatment with filter press, produces a discharge free of suspended matter and metals, at a controlled pH using the polyfunctional powder reagent developed by TEKNIC for the corrugated cardboard industry.

The system incorporates a high level of sensorisation (load cells, pressure transducers, pH controller, frequency variation, etc.) and has the usual TEKNIC remote monitoring and assistance module.

As usual, the project was carried out without interruptions to the factory service and with the maximum adaptation to the available layout.

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