Cost reduction through the management of the discharge fee at the new WWTPI of SAICA Seville

SAICA’s new WWTP in Seville is now operational. This innovative treatment plant combines physicochemical and biological methods to ensure strict compliance with the stipulated discharge limits.

The physicochemical treatment includes coagulation, flocculation and continuous settling, followed by a filter press where the sludge generated is dewatered. On the other hand, the biological treatment is based on the activated sludge system with nitrification/denitrification and MBR technology.

This advanced configuration ensures that the WWTPI not only meets the highest standards of organic matter, total nitrogen and suspended solids removal, but also allows the costs associated with the discharge control fee to be reduced to the maximum, since the calculation of this fee is based on a formula that prioritizes the best possible performance in the key parameters.

A logistical and operational challenge!

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